Math has never
tasted so good.


Crispy, complete
exam-ready curiculum.

Thousands of questions sorted by grade, topic, and difficulty. Each one curated by our team of math experts. Covers topics in all international examination formats for K-12 students.

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Battle with friends.
Winner takes all.

Battle others to steal their potatoes and earn quicker. You’ll also unlock items, achieve ranks, collect badges, complete streaks, and redeem prizes on your way to the top of the leaderboard.

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How it works.
Practice, battle, earn.

Step 1: Practice

Purchase or subscribe to packs of coins to enter math challenges and practice your skills. Each challenge consists of five questions that are organized by grade, topic and difficulty level. You earn potatoes for every question you get right.


Step 2: Battle

After trying out solo challenges, try battling others to steal their potatoes and earn quicker. Winner takes all in battle mode, so be prepared! You can invite more friends to earn free battles and coins too.


Step 3: Earn

Climb the leaderboard by earning the most potatoes while unlocking special items, achieving higher ranks, and collecting badges. Complete streak challenges to earn gems that you can use to claim real prizes in the gift store.


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